Lead your company

Your company is your primary avatar! How you craft and build it from the inside out will determine the level and potential success that you can achieve! 

Not only can you design the layout of your headquarters, but most importantly, the individuals that make it special. The greatest layer of strategy will reside in how you manage the personnel that inhabit your companies four walls. 

Can you build a culture that will allow your employees to thrive? or will the culture you create instead bottleneck your employees full potential.

Design & Manage Products

You will be responsible for designating the research to be completed by your science team which will enable your development teams to fully realize the product designs that you create. 

Competing with AI

You will face challenges from dynamic AI that pays close attention to world in which is exists. The AI takes into account pricing, customer trends and many, many other factors which drive their decision making. The challenge should keep you on your toes and forever wondering if your competition has been working on something that will derail your overall goals and ambition of leading the industry in which your products and services occupy