2018 Release date road map - 1st Half


The release date road map is designed to give you a deeper internal look at our development roadmap leading to the release date of the game. Our internal schedule has been edited and shared here to provide a summary of the essential remaining task for us to complete before the release of the game. Once these tasks have been completed, the game will be released. Now to provide an important caveat--This is development and things are susceptible to change at any time for any reason. 

In addition, we will be updating this list as necessary throughout the year. If we complete tasks earlier or later than anticipated, it will be reflected here as well to keep you updated. 

March 2018

Company AI Management Cycle final pass/testing

Focus will be on testing and polishing the complete AI management cycle. This is the underlying foundation to the game's AI system which is the foundation of just about everything in the game. 

  • AI Company Evaluation Cycle 
    • AI Budgeting - COMPLETED
    • AI Shipping - COMPLETED
    • AI Market Research - COMPLETED
    • AI Research - COMPLETED
    • AI other - COMPLETED

Finally, we will proceed to test the other systems that rely on this one for their final pass, which will take us into April.

April | May | June 2018

Product Creation & Design Testing/Finalizations

This month will be dedicated to the finalizations/testing of the complete product creation system. All systems are in the game, however testing and polish is still very necessary at this stage of development. The focus will be on how each product relates to each other from an AI management perspective and any other relevant algorithm dependencies. 

NOTE: With product creation, though the primary products are guaranteed, some of the secondary products may be released as added content after the release date -- if not ready by release. More are planned post released as well.

Secondary Product Creation


  • Hard Drives - 100% Completed
  • Power Supply Units - 100% Completed
  • Random Access Memory - 100% Completed
  • Sounds Cards - 100% Completed
  • Network Interface Cards - 100% Completed


  • Applications - 100% Completed
    • All software, excluding games have now been grouped collectively under "applications". This includes all of the previously listed software options.
  • Video Games - 100% Completed

Primary Product Creation

  • Graphics Processing Units - 75% Complete - (Will revisit later in road map)
  • Computers - 100% Completed
  • Consoles - 100% Completed
  • UI updates and finalizations - Pushed to *October

(last updated 05.26.2018)

July 2018

Employee AI final pass

This month, there will be a combined effort to polish work on the AI management cycle, product creation testing/polishing, while also putting the finishing touches and testing to the AI employee functionality. There are still a few additions and edits necessary before this implementation is 100% complete. As the systems rely heavily on each other, we'll need to polish and test them together.

  • Position specific impact to operations - 90% Complete (Remaining Tasks pushed to October)
  • AI decision making based on employee performance - 100% Complete
  • AI Hire/Training balance - 100% Complete
  • Other AI Employee Progression / Gameplay - 100% Complete

2018 Release date road map - 2nd Half

August 2018

Company AI Management Cycle final polishing & Character model AI final polish
We will continue to polish the company AI management cycle. The importance of this system cannot be overstated, so extensive testing will be required to ensure that every other system marries well with this one. As with all systems in the game, we must be very thorough and meticulous regarding the information, flow and details of this system. 

If there is a testing phase, this will be a heavy focus. However, as our internal testing is proving to be quite fruitful, this may not be necessary.

The character model finalizations will focus on the in-game physical representation of employees and their actions. These actions are derived from their underlying AI, so it is obviously reactive. This means that most of the work has been completed already and all that we need to do is ensure that the character model AI associates the correct actions based on that information.

  1. Complete Management Cycle - 80% Complete
  2. Isolating and solving bug related issues - 95% Complete
  3. Character model daily activities (polishing/testing) - 90% Complete
  4. Adding in more avatars, etc.. - 85% Complete

  • *** Due to performance issue optimization prioritization, we are moving a good portion of August tasks to October -as we have processes a good portion of October work this month 
  • *** We will update the roadmap to reflect the above adjustments at the end of the month.

This will cover all aspect of the AI management cycle. We will be testing this extensively for accuracy and fluidity. 

September | October 2018

Build/Buy Mode System Finalization

This month will include some work from the previous month's task as well as a big focus on the build office mode. We will be finalizing this system. Polishing and heavy testing will take place to ensure that all related bugs are resolved.

  1. Collisions - 90% Complete
  2. Object selection - 100% Complete
  3. Object modification - 75% Complete
  4. Streamline the workflow - 100% Complete
  5. Framerate Improvements - 100% Complete - This includes stress testing the game
  6. Fix bugs - Significant Progress (Progress - ongoing)
  7. Adding more options - 90% Complete
  8. Grid Placement Mode testing - 100% Complete
  9. Redo/Undo functionality - 0% Complete
  10. Final item purchasing finalizations & testing - 90% Complete

October 2018

Event System Finalizations

This month we will focus on testing and polishing the event system. This system is responsible for handling and managing all events that can take place in the game world. From world events to as small as individual employee events. 

  1. World level Events - 0% Complete
  2. Regional Events - 20% Complete
  3. Local Events - 10% Complete
  4. Company related events - 0% Complete
  5. Employee related events - 0% Complete
  6. Situational events - events derived from AI or player actions - 10% Complete
  7. Polishing of other event types, like conferences and other product/company specific event based opportunities, etc... - 0% Complete
  8. Other employee training systems - 0% Complete

November 2018

UI final pass, Game polishing and administrative finalizations

This month we will put the final polish to the UI in the game. Some task will include removing transparency and add the final styling to the UI design.

  • UI updates and finalizations - 50% Complete
  • Add/Edit final UI function & design - 60% Complete
    • Product Management
    • Shipping 
    • Notification System
    • Statistics
    • Company UI/Windows
    • World Data Windows
    • Charts and Graphs
    • Research Window
    • Budget UI
    • Office UI
    • All other UI
  • Polish Icons & other minor UI tools - 70% Complete
  • Remove internal debugging UI  - 30% Complete
  • Options Menu finalizations - 60% Complete
  • Save Game finalizations - 60% Complete
  • Load Game finalizations - 60% Complete
  • Final administrative activities - 40% Complete

December 2018

Complete any final administrative activities

- Preparing for Early Access

- Preparing Road Map for Early Release Schedule

Targeted Release Date (Early Access) - Dec 18, 2018