Production Position

Product Manufacturing

This position focuses on the actually assembly of the product your have designed. Once off of the design table, each product gets moved to manufacturing. 

The assembly skill (defined in the game as the ability to follow concise instructions to assemble a device) is central to the success of this task and is supported by other skills possessed by each employee. 

This role is essential to the quality of your products. Faulty and malfunctioning products can be the result of being careless with the makeup of these teams. A bad manufacturing team can result in a significant amount of product returns from your customers and bad reviews (even for well designed products).

Shipping & Handling

After manufacturing is complete, you have to package and ship these products to stores and in some cases--directly to your customers. Most positions can be outsourced in this game. However, the more hands-on you are with hiring and managing your own teams, the more control you may have with the end result of the tasks assigned. 

In this case, you really don't want to ship broken merchandise. You may also want to ensure that products get shipped on time and accurately.