IT Positions

Help Desk Agent

The help desk assist other employees in your company with both hardware and software related issues. Most times, this will be issues that are linked to them being able to do their jobs effectively.

The help desk agent is here to help your company hardware and software tools run smoothly. They stay on top of both the hardware that you assign to your employees and the software that is installed onto that hardware. They help make sure everything remains up to date with the latest in security and functionality. 

Whenever hardware or software fails in your company, these individuals are responsible for getting it back up and running in a reasonable amount of time. 

Help desk agents also help ensure company security in the areas of data and information. They are responsible for implementing the tools to achieve this. However, they can only implement the tools that you provide them. 

Tech Support Agent

Technical support agents are responsible for supporting your customers and clients with any technical related issues associated with the software and hardware that you sell to them. 

These individuals are responsible for both fixing issues as well as giving customers a pleasant experience at the same time.

Repair Technician

The repair technicians are responsible for repairing returned hardware merchandise. This is important as no product is perfect and there will almost always be products sent back to your company from your customers that require repair. That is where these individuals come in. 

Dependent on how well you design and manufacture your products; these individuals will have to conduct the repairs on those devices and components.This will have a direct impact on their ability to achieve their tasks. The repair tech's skill as we;; as your engineering teams product design skill will impact the repair tech's ability to achieve their role specific goals.