Main Professions

HR Department


The HR department is focused on managing employees that work for your company. The HR gameplay is focused on the following three concepts

  • Employee Acquisition
  • Employee Training
  • Employee Management

HR Positions

Finance Department


The Finance department is focused on managing the company budget. The Finance gameplay is all about managing money in the following ways

  • Budget balancing assistance 
  • Mitigating all cost related activities
  • Company funding

Finance Positions

Marketing Department


The Marketing department focuses on two primary functions of your company. 

  • Product advertising
  • Company advertising

Marketing Position(s)

Production Department


The production department is responsible for producing and shipping all related products to your customers.

  • Product Manufacturing
  • Product Shipping & Handling

Production Positions

Information Technology


The IT department holds a number of tasks that help make your company run as efficient as possible.

  • Help Desk - supporting all company productivity hardware/software
  • Customer tech support
  • Product Repairs

IT Positions

Sales department


The Sales department is responsible for impacting the level of potential sales and profit you gain on each product sold. 

Note: this department is still undergoing changes, so not all information is final.

  • Customer Service
  • Purchaser

Sales Positions

Specialized Professions

Game Development


The game development department is quite robust as the focus is 100% on the development of video games. 

  • Game Designing
  • Game Art
  • Game Writing
  • Game Sound Design
  • Game Animation

Game design positions still to come...

Research & Development


The R&D department is a specialized department consisting of scientists and your engineering teams. These teams are responsible for your company's ability to design and produce leading technological consumer products

  • Research Science
  • Hardware & Software Engineering 

R&D positions still to come...