Quarter I 2020 (January – March)

High level Quarterly breakdown

  • Notification System
  • Company Data & inventory storage
    • Customer data
    • Financial data
    • Employee data
    • Legal data
    • Operations data
  • Budget related UI and systems – second pass
  • Product Management – second pass
  • Product data and reporting

Details + Pct% completed

Notification System – 75%

This is the system that will provide immediate feedback to the player from the game about key events and scenarios that the player should be mindful of.

This will include key personnel in positions of power assigned by the player who will give reminders and heads-up to the player about their department and related scenarios that the player should be mindful of. In addition to this, other notifications external to the players company will be provided as well.

All of this is designed to keep the player up to speed and help with the amount of information that can come at any given time from different sources in the game.

Company Data & inventory storage – 35%

The storage aspect of this game will encompass a lot of things. From actual physical items to electronic data. There will be different types of data that the player will have to manage for the company.

The actual data game-play is planned to be quite interesting and robust. There are multiple aspects to data gameplay which will include the following

Data Game-play

  • Data Protection – Protecting data will be a huge aspect of data gameplay. Data can be stolen, both physically (break-in) or electronically (hacked). Hacking gameplay will include stealing, modifying or erasing data of your company. To protect against this, you will have to consider data security physically and/or electronically. That will include either hiring security personnel for physical protection or anti-virus/hacking software for electronic security.
  • Data usage – For all of the different types of data, there will be some similar and different ways of utilizing it. Equally as important as data security is data usage optimization.

Different types of data

  • Customer data – This is your customers data and personal information that they provide to you which will have huge game-play ramifications. From how well you protect that data to how you use it to identify other sales opportunities, etc..
  • Financial data – This is your company’s financial records which also have huge ramifications. Investors review this information in order to make educated decisions about buying stock in your company. Additionally, this is used by your company for many other reasons. How well you manage and protect this data will be obviously important.
  • Employee data – Like customer data, your employees share a lot of personal details about themselves with your company. Storing and protecting that data is equally as important as the others. In addition, this is how you manage your employees effectively–by knowing as much as possible about them which will allow your HR personnel to effectively provide services and cater to them over time.
  • Legal data – All legal docs whether signed by customers using your services or used by your own lawyers for the goal of defending you in court; you will have to store and protect this information as well.
  • Operations data – All documents and information related to your daily operations will be crucial to store and maintain. Losing these docs can set you back on research and many other aspect of your business.

Data Storage

Data storage devices are all physical devices until later in the game when cloud storage becomes available from other companies. You can also offer cloud storage, but again as you would be the provider, you would own physical hardware to store your customers/clients data.

All storage devices are subject to physical security issues, but servers are also subject to hacking.

  • File Cabinets – Physical cabinets that you can place in the offices. These hold papers that contains the data items listed above
  • Servers – Physical storage devices that hold electronic data.

Budget related UI and Systems – second pass – 50%

Though budget is already implemented, the UI for all aspects of budgeting is not. There is a lot of work to do before the budget aspect of the game is fully implemented. This second pass will provide more ways for you the player to interact, manipulate and understand the budget of your company.

Product Management – second pass – 60%

Currently with CPU’s being the only product implemented, we want to make sure we get the full suite of management controls for products before we start pushing the remaining products into the game.

This will allow the player to better manage their products, from reading performance charts, to making changes to products and managing them after market.

Product data and reporting – 15%

This item goes hand-in-hand with the above Product Management second pass. Reports on products and feedback from the market are very important aspects of this game. Without this, you are flying blind in essence when it comes to reacting to the market and the performance of your products. Once implemented, you should have a better understanding of how well your products are performing other than just seeing the bottom line surge or stall…

This update is expected to release at the end of March, beginning of April 2020.