Early Access Information

Information to know before purchasing the game

Below we want to highlight what you can expect with the current version of the game that is currently available and then what to expect in the way of updates over time as we progress through 2019. We want to do this so that there is clarity regarding what is currently playable (i.e. gameplay loop) vs what the final game will have in content. 

The game is currently $20 USD. The reason for this decision is because our original crowdfunding backers displayed their confidence and trust in us by donating a base pledge of $15 for a game that was at the time–just a concept. As a result, the current price of the game is positioned to ensure that those backer’s inherited discounted pledges remain intact. 

Please remember you can join us on Discord to report bugs, provide feedback and more using this link: https://discord.gg/EPKzSbk. Throughout early access we will be taking your feedback and bug reports which will help us prioritize the most important features and bugs that need prompt attention

What content is available for Early Access?

When the game releases on the 18th, you will be able to do the following:

  • Create an office in the first iteration of our build mode system
    • More options will come online as we test and iron out potential game breaking bugs.
    • NOTE: for those who prefer not to build, we will add in some pre-built office very soon. Our goal is early January – please keep an eye on our road map as we will being in January with our Early access update schedule.
  • Furnish your office with different desks and items
    • We will be adding many more items over time as well. The goal is to add hundred’s of items, desks and other decorative options. In addition to this, there are other item types planned. Every item should has some function or effect on game play.
    • Down the road we will look at ways to open this up to the modding community.
  • Hiring employees
    • Although all employees types are in the game, we are still testing and fine tuning some specific functionality for some positions and roles.
    • There are also only a small handful of avatars in the game for employees currently, but that will also greatly increase and become more diverse as well
  • Creating CPU’s
    • Though the final game will allow you to create more than 10 different unique product types, the current build only allows for CPU creation.
    • We will work to publish a list of which product options and in what order they will come online throughout 2019.
  • Marketing & Shipping products
    • Basic marketing campaign creation. This will continue to be fine tuned and polished

This is the game loop that is ready to be played at this moment due to a lot of testing and fine tuning that is left to be completed as you could see on the Road map to release. We will continue to update the road map heading toward full release. This time, you will be able to both follow us online as well as in the game as we add content and unlock the features once ready.

What content is NOT in today?

As you can imagine, this list is MUCH larger than the above. However, we do want to list some of the not-so immediately glaring absent features for the first build of Early Access. Please see this list below

  • UI Elements
    • There are simply a lot of windows not yet implemented which will go a long way toward allowing you to both manage and manipulate the game world. Though the most basic UI is present, there is not a lot in the way to streamline the experience just yet.
  • World and game events
    • At the moment, the world does not quite respond the players inputs in the way that it will when the feature is enabled. The feature is already implemented, but thoroughly untested and unpolished.
  • A complete tutorial system
    • Update: We have since added some tutorials that should help in getting started. There are plenty more to be added which will walk you through most game play systems. The game-once finished, will have a lot that you can do and will need to be aware of to be as effective as possible to achieve lofty goals.
  • Research
    • Research has been improved and will continue to be improved. At the moment, you can start some research projects and progress technology forward.
  • Many more things to come online once polished and tested.
    • The list is truly large and it wouldn’t make sense to post every single detail here. However the final game will have all of these features before we determine the game as a final release candidate.

Thanks in advance to all who decide to join us in early access. Your support has been tremendously appreciated thus far and it will continue to be well into the future.

2020 Roadmap

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