Update 1.9.9

The update was released on Sunday evening. These notes are a bit delayed. Thanks for your patience!

New Features added

  1. UI updates to the product management window
    • Marketing insights added
    • More content to be added to this window overall, but more management options have been implemented
  2. Sales Graphs added
    • You can now chart sales over the course of days. More iterative options will be added soon.
  3. Customer Service implementation I
    • Your customer service agents now function and handle customer related service inquiries. Customers are garnered as your product sells. As this happens, depending on many different factors relating to the product and its performance, you will get calls that come in as a result for support. How well you handle the customers will have long and short term consequences. This is tier I implementation, so some functions like the drawbacks to really bad customer service are not yet implemented. This will be added soon.
  4. Added minor improvements to budget window – sales dates, etc..

Bug Fixes

  • Two shipping campaigns were created when creating your first campaign. This bug has been resolved.
  • Fixed numerous budgeting issues
  • Ground navigation bug found when loading into a saved game. This bug has been resolved
  • Fixed some bugs related to marketing progression with the different demographics
  • Improved some data accuracy