Releasing the game as “Early Access” on (Steam)

Hello Everyone, 

Thanks for your patience! It’s been a while since we provided the last update. FYI, we have also updated the road map, however we will be further updating with the schedule beyond December. We have a few announcements to make and I will do so further below. For the “too long didn’t read” crowd, in short, we are going to release “Early Access” on the Steam platform on December 18th 2018—one month away, which was previously our official release date. I provide more details on why we switched to Early Access below. In addition to this, we are also in the process of rebranding our company name. We will be moving away from WEB Gaming Entertainment and continuing our journey under a different name which will be unveiled soon. 

If you have been following our development roadmap, you will be up to speed on exactly where we are today. The lion share of the remaining task rest in testing and polishing the game primarily. This really covers a lot of information, so I will go into some specifics. As of today, all game systems are in the latest internal test build of the game. There is a large amount of bug testing/chasing that must take place before the fully featured game is able to be released. We decided to go with Early Access primarily due to having enough in the game to consider it playable and entertaining. However, the game that will be released on the 18th of December will be a shell of the planned final version. 

When we say that all systems are in the game, this is true for the internal build, however the build that will be release will be lacking many of those systems. This information is intended to hopefully adequately set your expectation regarding what to expect in the version of the game that will be made available on the 18th. We will continue to iterate this weekly/monthly as we progress through 2019. The last thing we want to do is release a game with you being unaware of the current state and what you are getting into if you decide to purchase now vs when the final complete version of the game is officially releases. 

If you are passionate about this game, we humbly ask that you purchase the game and help provide us feedback to further ensure that it is everything you hoped for in a game of this type. If you are not prepared to face bugs and possible immersion breaking game behavior, then please refrain from purchasing and revisit throughout 2019 to see the progress over time. This game is a passion project and we absolutely love everything about it. To be honest, if no one purchased this game, we would still see it through to the end as we ourselves enjoy playing. 

To those who have backed (donated to the development of) this game in the early years when it was in the crowdfunding phase, you will receive a copy of the game on the 18th of December. Any other perks that were promised will be provided over time, if not on the 18th. We will provide an update with more details on this soon. For those who might have forgot or were never aware of the base donation amount, it was $15 USD. As mentioned below, although we have lowered the price for early access, this amount is still higher than what you have paid during the crowd funding period. We wanted to do this as a “thank you” for supporting early. 

For everyone else, we have lowered the entry price for “Early Access” to $19.99 USD. What we plan for this game to ultimately become, please be aware that this price will increase over time. 

We are humbled and grateful to everyone that has supported during our journey to create this game, and although that journey is not yet over, we want to extend our greatest appreciation to you for your patience, support and passion. It has been a long road and journey and we hope to make sure that the wait was worth it. In this next leg of the journey we hope you share your thoughts about the game (even in its current state) and let us know of any feedback you may have.