July-August 2018 Development Update

Hello Everyone!

It has been a while since we had an update. As our primary focus is reaching the release date ON TIME, we want to thank you for your patience with the sparse updates. However, moving right on to where we are today, I want to share quite a few things that we have competed up to this point over the last two months as well as share what we are currently working on. 

June saw us finalize just about every product type in the game as far as functionality and performance. During this time, we had to push back the UI finalizations to October and will revisit the GPU’s around the same time. Out of all the product types, the GPU was the last to be done and we have a few remaining tasks that need to be completed before we mark that one ready for primetime. 

For the month of July, we had a very productive month regarding all the position specific functionality and refinement. There are just a handful of remaining position operations that we must touch on before we can mark that as 100% complete. We are excited that this part of the process was as smooth as it turned out to be due to the initial anticipated complexity of that system. Moving forward we now have a plug and play system that will make it much easier to modify, change and implement new position functionality in the future. 

As for this month (August), we are well underway with final polish on our animations and character model finalizations. The full set of animations are all but in and ready for the final release. Our goal is to ensure that all animations and transitions are as smooth as possible for optimal believability and immersion. 

As of today, we are ~53% through all our task for this month, with more progress imminent for work done this week. Time is moving fast, and we are very excited to be closing the gap toward the release of this game. It has been a long time in development and I can guarantee that we are most excited about how close we are today. 

We aim to showcase gameplay in the next two months as things continue to go as planned. Of course, we will be showcasing plenty of gameplay before release as well. 

Thanks for your continued support and patience! We will see you in the next update.