June 2018 – Development Update

Hello Everyone! 

With May in the books and June being the final month for work on products that you can create in the game, we are really busy finalizing this aspect of the game. With most of the work complete on products, there are still a few things remaining that need to get done. 

Video Games – considered to be a big feature in the game, we are well into this process of finalization the process of creating and managing your own game development studio in Tech Executive Tycoon. Though the roadmap states that we have “started”, we are actually a bit further along in this process and will provide an update on the current completion percentage soon. Computers & Consoles – As another big gameplay feature, we are just about complete with the finalizations for these two product types.

Product UI updates and finalization – we are almost ready to start the finalization for the UI. This is preliminary finalizations as November is designated as our UI finalization month. However, we intend to get a great deal solidified and completed before the end of this month. 

With that said, thanks for sticking with us throughout this journey as we continue to push closer toward the end of the year and the release of this game.