May 2018 – Development update

Hello everyone! 

We’re back with another update as we are now well into the first week of May. We have been building tirelessly and working through our road map tree. Once again, I am happy to say that we are currently on track and progressing very nicely. 

As before, we want to share with you what we have done and where we are currently headed as you can also see the same in our road map on the website:

In April, we made a very valiant push to complete product integration among the assortment of products available that you can create in the game. As expected, this is a very detailed phase of the process that involves a lot of moving parts, algorithms and other fine tuning work. Our work has been quite intensive. As a result, we have made some exciting breakthroughs as well. Sometimes features can also be iterated on during this process and that has indeed happened in the month of April.

We focused primarily on what we have dubbed as “secondary” products. These consist of the product set that wasn’t initially going to be available at the release of the game, as they were planned to be added afterward. Now, we are pushing to get them in for day one and have made great progress toward this goal. 

As we are now moving into May, the focus has shifted to all of our primary products. You might ask why we have worked on these in the order that we did. The main reason for this is due to the very fact of how they are all integrated together. Product A relies on some specifics of product B, therefore if we get product B where we want it first, we can make sure we fine tune and make product A more efficient as a result. 

We are also having a lot of fun implementing the details into the software options that you will have to play with at release. We look forward to seeing your response to these. 

Thanks for sticking with us and we will see you next month with the next update!