Weekly Update: September Studio update


Hello Everyone and welcome to another of our weekly updates!

This week we’re providing a studio update. Up to this point we have discussed quite a bit about gameplay features and many details regarding the inner mechanics of the game. Today, I want to provide a bit of information regarding our progress toward completing the game, what’s left to do and our plans for reaching the release date of this game. Schedules are tight and we are working toward the goal of getting this game finished. We have implemented a lot of the game and we are at roughly 80% completion. That information may appear to be quite vague, however that is the best way to put it into perspective. Let’s talk about a few specifics that make up that 80%.

To begin, I want to share that we believe in being transparent to all of you, our supporters and fans. You all have been so supportive and patience and we must let you know that we appreciate that so much more than you might imagine. So far, the list would be far too large to show all that has made it into the game up to this point. In fact, a good amount of it is very technical and possibly boring to most. 80% of what we have planned to put in the game has already made it in. This 80% includes the actual content and not based on timetables if that makes sense. I will lay out most of what is left to do and explain my logic on not yet providing a release date (Which for the most part, you may already know).

Currently we have the following left to do (not necessarily in the following order)

  1. Art and Model assets – A handful of offices are still being crafted and designed
  2. AI fine-tuning – Making sure the gameplay is engaging, competitive and fun
  3. Testing – Really aggressive testing to squash bugs and game mosquitos…
  4. Polishing (across the board) – from the UI elements to game models and assets
  5. Dynamic game events – Adding dynamic game events (Blog coming soon about this).
  6. Game Progression balancing – Part of the core gameplay will involve your progression as a company from small budding operation to conglomerate. We are fine tuning what is in and adding more…
  7. Stock market gameplay – Adding in the world economy that we planned from day one.

You might feel that this list is small, but each step listed is very, very important (As the entire process has been). Unforeseen events can happen at any time, setbacks and course correction are par for the course for any game developer.

Now that you have seen what we have left to do, I ask for your patience and understanding (which most have already provided). From the beginning, I knew this project would be a significant challenge (for one person at the time but now two-person team). When I first started creating this game, this would be the first full game that I have ever made. Mistakes were made, learning curves were tight and deadlines and timetables were broken, battered, abused and most importantly… missed. Roughly a year ago I provided a release date and to state the obvious—we missed it by a mile. That mistake has unfortunately followed me to this day and I am quite reluctant to give out release dates aggressively as a result. As mentioned before, I have one in mind but I don’t want to share it because in all honesty we could miss it as we have all of my previous ones. So rather than being completely incompetent when it comes to forecasting release dates, I’ve learned the value of not setting unrealistic expectations. As a result, my goal is to repair that reputation by doing my best to ensure my next release date is the actual release date.

With that said, you see our remaining to-do list and we’re more committed than ever to finishing this game and getting it to you as soon as possible! Our game’s quality is far more important than sales quantity or numbers. To that end, we understand what is at stake. We love gaming, we are gamers and we love this genre and style of gameplay. If I was on the outside looking in, I would want a game that will be fun for years to come and not just another game. We make and take that challenge to ourselves quite seriously and know that nothing is a guarantee other than the effort we can give and continue to work to be better game developers every day. Thanks for reading this quick studio update and we’ll see you next week!

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