UPDATE Coming Soon!

Hello all and thanks for your patience in waiting for updates and progress reports. The game is coming along nicely. I am preparing a big update soon and as a result, I will be touching up a few things so that it can be showcased in the next video dev blog. Please stay tuned here for that update!

What I will be showcasing are the research trees as well as the outsourcing functions. I will also briefly go into some of the product creation features. Please stay tuned and I will also have a Q&A on video. So please ask some questions right here in the comment section of this article. Thanks so much for your patience again and stay tuned as much more is on its way!





2 comments to UPDATE Coming Soon!

  • Aske

    Keep on working!

    Are you planning to do some Beta testing?

    Greetings & HaNeYe 2015!

    PS: I really want to send you my list of advices/ideas, I hope I will find some time during holidays.

    • WEB

      Yes there will be beta testing. Please send any suggestions you may have! 🙂

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