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The progress of the game: 

Hello everyone! The game is coming along very well. This blog will consist of what I’m currently working on and what to expect in the coming months as we get closer to the release of the game. The development of the game has been quite interesting. This game is shaping up really nicely. What my vision for the game was and what it is becoming is very similar, but better in many ways. Thank you all for taking this journey with me. Enjoy the blog and stay tuned for more information to come!

The development of the game has been a journey so far and a very rewarding and interesting one. Thank you all for helping me create this game! TechExecTycoon(PreAlpha) OutSource CentralYour support has been greatly appreciated and I look forward to bringing the final product to you. Lately I have been working on the most intricate details of the game, creating the AI logic, detailing that logic and trying to create a game that responds and reacts to your actions and decisions. Being that this is my first game, it is a very involved process, complete with stress and hair pulling. In the end, it is going very well so far and I’m happy to say that so far we are on track for a mid-2015 release of the game.

Here are some details of what I have been working on these last few weeks and months:

Outsourcing Companies:

When you start the game, you will determine how much startup capital you begin with. This capital will only get you so far. You will need to create some products to keep income flowing in a positive direction. As a result, you will need to maintain a balance between the expenses you take on. Hiring a boatload of employees may sound like fun, but it will hit your pocket pretty hard. With hiring employees, you need to provide health insurance and other benefits among other things to keep them satisfied as well as to comply with certain regulations (which you must abide by or face the consequences). If that is not enough, you need to provide them with a workplace that will help them remain as stress free as possible. In addition to that, you will need to manage these employees by hiring a manager for the departments. Without management, the department can become very un-manageable, you really don’t want to leave a bunch of customer service agents free to operate with management to relay your directives. The specifics of this dynamic will come in a future blog. Getting to the point, you won’t really want to take on such a burden earlier on (or maybe you do), so there is another option you can choose.

Outsource companies exist in the game and in sizeable numbers. You will have options at your disposal. So as you start your venture, you just released a new product and realize that you have no customer service department for your brand new customers to call, in case they need assistance with your product. Even if you’ve made the best product with minimal design flaws, your customers will want the reassurance that they can reach your company for help if needed. Without such services for your employees, you will lose respect and potential business. Customer service outsource companies specialize in situations like this obviously and there are no shortage of opportunities for your to choose from.

Each company will have options to select from. You will have to choose a contract which starts at 1 year and can go for up to five years at a time. The longer you sign on, you will get potential discounts from the company. Each company has their own terms and you will have to select which is best for you. They charge a service fee which is spread over the terms of the contract. You will be able to select which products of yours they will service and based on that products customer base, the outsource company will determine how many of their agents you will need to focus on your product. From that the details of the contract are ironed out and you will decide if the price is right. The competition is stiff which obviously works best for you.

TechExecTycoon(PreAlpha) Client GuardianOnce signed on, they will handle the customer service calls for the product(s) you designate. The thing you must pay attention to is how “good” the company is. They all have a reputation. How good their agents are with customer service (compassion, empathy), how accurate they are (product knowledge), how fast they are (processing speed), which compiles a overall quality score for that company. This all matters because how they treat your customers is a direct reflection of your company. So choose wisely.

Thanks for being patient while the game is being developed. Your support and passion is greatly appreciated! More info, videos blogs and the game itself are soon to come!

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  • Aske


    It is very exiting to see your progress and the way of developing the game!

    Q: Will be there an option to choose the company main business area.
    ex: Electronic devices (PC,Consoles,…) , Mechanical (Car´s, Military, Parts production), Food (Dairy, Confetionery,..), Health (Devices, Drugs,..),…

    Or it will be like only stuff like mobile phones, PC´s etc..
    ´caue it could be interesting to think about the mechanical way.
    For example path of an Automotive supplier. You starts as Tier 3 supplier and ends like a OEM.

    Keep on working, your are doing a great job!

    Greetings from

  • WEB

    Thanks for the reply:

    1. Yes you will be able to do this right from the beginning of the game, and throughout the game you can adapt as you see fit!

    The game right now only supports technology based businesses. DLC or updates after release “could” add more industries. There are no guarantees to this, but if the demand is high enough, it would be possible to add more and more industries.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement!

  • theassassin1999

    I’m a founders club backer; when am I getting my alpha version?

    • WEB

      You will be able to test once the testing begins. There was a change in the process due to the game being pushed back. Please rest assured you will get everything you were promised for donating. I understand the concern due to the delay, but please be patient and everything will be as promised.

      Thank you!

      • theassassin1999

        Ok, got it. I’m surprised how few people know about this game! This looks really high quality! Like, seriously, your dev blogs only get a few thousand views!

        • WEB

          Thank you! The marketing campaign hasn’t “officially” started yet… but hopefully the word will spread once it does. Thanks again!

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