Studio Update – November 2016


Hello everyone! This week will be a studio update.

This week we are working on fine tuning a lot of the work related to the last update as well as many other things. The work of polishing the process of creating the components that will make up the personal computer has been fun indeed. We are also finalizing the console creation feature of the game as well as all software and game development features. It’s quite surreal as we begin to see it all come together the way that we have planned it. There is still a distance left to be travelled before release but we are moving along quite nicely. The goal is to get everything to a point where we can begin the full testing process and get this game completed.

At this stage of development most things are in and ready for polish and testing. All the work and passion poured into the game is near ready to be showcased in detail and finally released. I do not have any dates for you yet and probably won’t until we are extremely close to the date (probably a month or less). Everything takes time however and getting it right is our highest priority. There has been hiccups and challenges along the way as expected. These are the reasons we have been so reluctant to provide a solid release date. We have learned that as an independent studio we can take the time we need to get it right and not rush it to the door. There are many of you who understand this and we can’t thank you enough for your patience through our learning curve of the game development process. We are an infant company learning to crawl—to a walk—to hopefully a full sprint. As we grow we hope you take that journey with us all the way.

The task of getting our first public game to release has been a long and arduous process. I’m sure you’ve heard this before and there is so much that goes into a game like this with the goals that we have set. The task becomes even more challenging when you are working with a smaller team. However, what makes it all worth it—is how much we love the industry and this avenue of creative expression. With all the pressure, stress and challenges, we simply love every opportunity we get to work on creating this game and soon—others within our scheduled lineup.

Once Tech Executive Tycoon is released we will have a few more games large and small coming to the market as well thereafter. Please stay tuned to our website http// for more on that when we cross that bridge. Again, our studio is about creating games that we are passionate about and wish to play ourselves.

Please feel free to share news of Tech Executive Tycoon with your family and friends. We want to make sure that we get the word out about this game the closer we get to release. We’ve worked with a small budget funded 85% from our own pockets as again we are passionate about what we do. However, some of you have donated to the game and it has been a wonderful help. For that we wish you to know that it was a great investment and that we work every day to honor that investment. We appreciate you all! Please feel free to let us know your thoughts and when the game is released please share your feedback with us. We will be working on this game far after it has been released to make sure that exceeds or is as close to exceeding the game you’ve hoped for all along. Expect support, updates and more after release. Thank you all for your patience and dedication. It is greatly appreciated! We’ll see you soon with more information.

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