Studio Update: December


Hello everyone! Today we have a studio update for you. I want to share that the game has been delayed into 2017. Little has changed from previous updates other than the fact that 2017 will be the release year. I will stop short of giving any further details regarding our scheduled quarter and date of release. I will share that progress is still going very well and on par with our previous updates. So please know that this game is still on course for its release and the delay is simply a clarification that the game will NOT be released in the 2016 calendar year. What I can share with you is that the game will absolutely release in 2017 and the plan is for early 2017. Due to my desire to refrain from giving any false expectation, I will share the release date the closer we come to approaching that time. So please continue reading for an update for where we are in development of the game.

Currently the reason for the “delay”, if we really want to call it a delay is due to our desire to have enough time for testing and polishing. As I’ve said numerous times, we do not want to release an unpolished game. There is a lot that goes into this part as you all may well know. We will do all that we possibly can to make the game as release ready as possible. Most games have issues after release, yet our desire is to hopefully avoid that (though it is understandably difficult when you have deadlines). The good news is that we have time to get it right and we will pour all efforts into that goal.

I want to clarify with you the reason why I do not give a release date. As I’ve said before, and that still rings true; I do not wish to give inaccurate information as there are too many variables right now to give a solid release date. The development phase of your bigger studios lock everything into a schedule and that is for good reason of course, however with us a lot of these things are new, so there is no timeline that we try to fit ourselves into. That is undesirable to you we understand which is why we try to be as transparent as possible. We understand that you are waiting on this to be released and that is a big thing for us. We appreciate this and we look at both the understanding that most show and the frustration that some others show as signs that you are excited for this game with great anticipation—and that brings us very positive warm feelings. It also reinforces our desire to take this very seriously and challenge ourselves each day to make sure that we deliver a good, complete game.

I know some will be unhappy with this news, but in the end hopefully playing a finished and working game will remedy that. We have implemented almost all aspects of the game and are now gearing toward testing, adding in more art assets and polishing the final build of the game. This includes crafting additional game assets such as offices, chairs, desks and computers as well as fine tuning the UI. In addition to this the ease of gameplay is on our radar. We want to make the game as accessible as we possibly can. For what we are aiming to do, this is a large task and it takes time.

To each one of you, we wish to say thank you for your patience on this ride with us as it has been a very long one. We are nearing the end and this is crunch time. So please continue to support us and we hope to reward you with a great game. Thank you for sticking in there with us. The time to play this game is coming soon!

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