Studio Update – February

Hello Everyone!

Today, I am once again providing a weekly update regarding the development of the game Tech Executive Tycoon. Testing is still ongoing and I want to discuss how we are approaching this phase of the development. Previously we discussed that we want to extend the testing to the backers of the game. That is still our current plan. So, if you have donated to this game in the past, we currently are planning to extend closed testing to you as you have extended your support and are clearly invested in the success of the game. Now, I cannot provide any dates for that testing phase, but yes we are indeed getting closer.

As it stands, the current testing will not be a quick process as we have learned before. The good news is that this time around, everything is exceptionally improved from the last time we arrived at this stage of development a little over a year before now. At that point, we ultimately decided to move on from that entire build of the game and start over from the ground up as we had learned some incredible lessons. We determined that from what we learned, we could deliver an even greater gameplay experience. I am very happy to say that this build of the game is what we were hoping that it would be. I can say that there will be no restarting from the ground up or even any steps backward. We are moving forward!

The testing phase is going very well, and as expected we are finding bugs, fixing code and even making improvements where we see the opportunity. We are crafting and fine tuning the gameplay at this point among other things. We are also finishing final assets and polishing the UI so that we can complete the gaming experience. I currently do not have any time tables for when this will be completed, however trust that we are working tirelessly and diligently to move forward.

With that said, I once again wish to thank everyone for their support and patience. We are attempting a very ambitious goal with this game and want to make sure that we do our very best to deliver that gaming experience that we envisioned a few years back.

Thank you and we’ll speak again in a couple weeks.

6 comments to Studio Update – February

  • Sithjedi

    when do the original tests from the first get to beta test the newest build

    • WEB

      Hello SithJedi, it will happen automatically. Any updates should be go live for the builds you all have access to

  • gowettjr

    How can I donet money to this game to be atesterd

    • WEB

      I apologize, but the donation period has been completed for quite a while. So I unfortunately could not accept any new donations as the game will be released this year.

  • drutt7

    Okay cool, so if we’re in the testing phase that went through steam we’ll automatically get updated to the new testing phase once it’s released?

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