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Hello everyone! Time for another written update!

I know that information has been coming in slow, and in many ways it has been planned this way. I didn’t want to show too many things with the game in an incomplete state. However, I am happy to say that we are well into our biggest developmental push yet with everything going in. There is still much left to do, but the “meat and potatoes” are being input into the game at this point. I must say that wearing so many hats is really difficult. I am actively the lead programmer, art director, PR person and so on and so on… Very daunting.

I have some screens I want to show today and talk a little bit about where we are in the development of the game.

As of today, the AI and competitive logic has been going in. This is where the game will really either shine or sink… gameplay! Every game we play is ultimately judged on this. The game can look wonderful and play horrible and it will be considered a beautiful disaster. My goal is to make sure the game not only looks good, but plays even better. This is what I am working on today. This phase is hair-raising of course, but so exciting at the same time.  When it comes to AI in this type of game, you want it to feel both proactive and reactive. I aim to give the AI enough autonomy so that it has it’s own goals and ambitions while responding to the actions you take accordingly.

The goal for your competition is to give them the ability to be self aware, market aware and player aware. I want the AI to evaluate all of those things against each other. More details to come as I iron out that logic over the next few weeks ahead.

Until then, I put together a small gameplay video showing how the games visuals have improved. I hope you enjoy!

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  • Aske

    The Beer-bellies is a graphical bug or it is common in IT 🙂

    Keep on working, looking better and better!

  • OrbitalPotato

    This game keeps on looking better and better! Any chance of a review key, so I can help promote it via YouTube?

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