Monday Video Update #23 (August)

This week I play the game with my co-developer. The video is a little rough (Still setting up), so please enjoy and let me know your thoughts below

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Monday Developer Update #18

Hello everyone!


It’s time for another Monday Developer Update! Today we will talk about how management works within the game. This will be a pretty long update, so buckle in! Tech Executive Tycoon is all about leading your company into a golden age of technology. This will include managing managers. This is where it gets challenging and quite engaging. In the game there are roughly 4 levels in the employee hierarchy. Entry level employees make up the foundation, then there is the specialist who are slightly elevated above entry level carrying out specialized tasks. The next level up would be mid-level management. After that, you will have your executives which you will spend probably the most of your time interacting with and delegating to. Lastly, there is you, the wonderful CEO.


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Monday Developer Journal #17

TechExecutiveTycoon(Beta2 2016-07-18 21-15-07-39Hello everyone! Another week started and more work to be done. This week, as promised will be all about the specialist in the game that you can hire. As it stands, I took the approach to keep the list of office positions manageable for all players. I didn’t want you to have to take a class in organizational management in order to play the game, so my efforts have been focused on keeping it manageable for everyone. In that regard, I have a few positions in the game for each department field. So a while back we went over the employee entry positions, the entry level workhorses for your company. This included positions like customer service agents, marketing analysts and accounting positions. So this week, we will discuss all of the specialty positions.

To begin, in the game your overall go...

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Monday Developer Journal #16 (Studio Update)

Hello everyone!

I am finally back after a month of moving. I was away due to a personal career opportunity. Of course as you can see, I am still working on this game and we’re still close to release. This transition was a minor delay, but now I’m all settled in after the move. In case you were concerned, this has no negative effects on the game or the continuation of WEB Gaming Entertainment. Things are no different than they were before in fact as it’s just a move from one organization to the next. This week, before we continue with the “employee type” updates, I want to give you all sort of a “Studio Update”.

As mentioned, things were on hold this past week. Everything happened fairly suddenly, but I am resuming all operations this week...

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Currently Relocating, Updates Resuming Soon!

Hello everyone,

The last two weeks have been intense to say the least. I have relocated due to an opportunity and now I am back up and running. So, updates should be resuming as well as (most importantly) the final push toward release. Thanks for your patience and understanding. 


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June Video Update #22

June video update is live

Update Playlist:

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Monday Developer Journal #15

TechExecutiveTycoon(Beta2 2016-05-24 04-57-28-72Hello everyone! I’m back for another update and I hope that all is well with you and yours!

Last week was quite busy and crazy! Of course I am a little on edge given the game is going to be releasing in the next few months. There is still a lot to do and a LOT of polish to add to the game. Either way, plugging away as usual and excited by what I see. It is coming together nicely. With that said, I want to share with you what I will be working on this coming week.

So, the AI is in the game and being testing daily and I am now working on the UI interface for some of the very, very important windows you the player will need for all of your executive decisions. This week I want to share with you 1/3 of the complete employee picture...

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Monday Developer Journal #14

Hello everyone! Another week, more progress. I’m hoping you had a great weekend and start to the new week. This update has been uploaded after this Monday, so I want to thank you for your patience. I wanted to showcase some of the decision making of the AI, so I had to build a makeshift UI to do just that. I’m still working on the AI and trying to fine tune specific parts piece by piece. So this week I want to share some ways the AI will function in the game.

So to begin, I will present to you some images in chronological order of gameplay. The images you see have the debug UI I created to showcase this to you. The box on the left is the company’s very basic budget details that I will talk about soon...

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Monday Developer Journal #13

TechExecutiveTycoon(Beta2)_01Hello everyone! Another week, another infusion of sheer progress! As with each week, I hope that all is well with you and yours. I have been plugging away and fine tuning the AI this past week. I am almost finished with it, yet polishing and more fine tuning will be a part of the process all the way toward the release date. This upcoming week will see more of the same and UI elements being added in. This month will also see more modelling assets being added in as well as the other products that can be created in the game. I hope to have this in by the end of the month, but it could easily extend into next month. So hang in there with me as I work really hard to get it all in relatively in a short amount of time. Thanks again for everyone’s patience!

This week I want to share more about t...

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