Weekly Update: September Studio update


Hello Everyone and welcome to another of our weekly updates!

This week we’re providing a studio update. Up to this point we have discussed quite a bit about gameplay features and many details regarding the inner mechanics of the game. Today, I want to provide a bit of information regarding our progress toward completing the game, what’s left to do and our plans for reaching the release date of this game. Schedules are tight and we are working toward the goal of getting this game finished. We have implemented a lot of the game and we are at roughly 80% completion. That information may appear to be quite vague, however that is the best way to put it into perspective. Let’s talk about a few specifics that make up that 80%.

To begin, I want to share that we believe in being transparent ...

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Monthly Video Gameplay Session

Hello everyone! Another week and another update. Today’s update comes to showcase some of what we’ve been talking about in the latest weekly blogs.

Today I touch on the following

  • Satellite Offices
  • Management Hierarchy
  • Managing Satellite Offices
  • Delegating Responsibility
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Weekly Update #23


Hello everyone!

Here we are, a little closer and working tirelessly to complete this game. Last week we spoke about satellite offices and management. Today, I want to continue that conversation a bit longer but with image commentary. I have screens that I will dissect with you and I am preparing a gameplay video to showcase this aspect of the game in much more detail soon. So let’s get right to it.


I hired a chief operating officer who will handle the communication and orchestration of all of my operations company-wide. As discussed previously, the COO is who all general managers of your satellite offices will report to unless you decide you wish for them to report to you directly. This game is mostly about choice in how you run your company and this is a prime example of that...

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Changing Monday Update to Weekly Update

Hello everyone!

This is not the update, however I want to announce that going forward the name of the updates will change from Monday Developer Update to Weekly Update. This is not big news, but the change has come due to trying to always lock in a specific day for posting the update. Due to schedule limitations, the updates are not always possible to land on a Monday. So from now on, it will most likely be either Monday or Tuesday. With that said, this weeks update will arrive tomorrow. Thanks everyone!

TechExecutiveTycoon(Beta2 2016-07-18 21-14-51-61

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Monday Developer Update #22


Hello Everyone and welcome to another weekly Monday update!

TechExec_09052016_02Today I want to discuss a bit more about the satellite offices as well as your employees. Last week we dove into a bit of detailed aspects of the satellite office functionality in the game. For this past week and the upcoming week, I have been and will actually be working on these game systems. So since I am working on this aspect of the game, you can imagine it is quite fun to talk about. So this week I will also discuss creating and managing teams within the game.

As mentioned in last week’s update, you will be able to staff your satellite offices with different types of employees for the type of office you are staffing. So each office has a specific function where it is conducive for some employee types over others...

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Monday Developer Journal #21


Hello everyone! Another week is here and so is another update. We missed last week as we’re pouring as much time as we can into development only. Just like cramming for a school exam, we’re cramming to get this game to you as fast as possible.

TechExecutiveTycoon(Beta2 2016-08-29 23-17-33-09So this week I want to shift gears and talk about the satellite offices you will be running in the game. As mentioned before, the gameplay visuals will be based at your company’s headquarters. All other offices in the game will be off-screen. However, you will have full control over those offices. I want to talk about what types of offices there are and explain how they work in this blog and what you can expect to do with them.

Satellite offices are all of the offices (mostly specialized) that can house more employees when your headquarters is no lo...

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No Update this week!

Hello everyone, 

Due to our intense focus toward reaching our internal scheduled milestone dates, there will not be an update this week as you might have already noticed. The updates will continue next Monday. Thanks for your patience and understanding!


We’re plugging away and working non-stop to get this game completed…

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Monday Developer Update #20


Hello everyone and welcome to another Monday developer update. This week I want to discuss the levels of products in the game and how they relate to each other. In Tech Executive Tycoon you will have a choice of creating one or more of a not yet finalized number of products. There are three levels, where the first two consist of all hardware and the third—software.

gpu_image4The list is currently as follows:

  1. CPU
  2. GPU
  3. Console
  4. Computers
  5. Video Games
  6. Operating Systems
  7. Productivity Software


CPU’s and GPU’s come in at the ground floor and lead the edge of technology. Without these two, everything else has to wait until these catch up. So in the game everyone has to wait on the latest and greatest CPU’s and GPU’s to truly push their industry technologies forward...

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Monday Developer Update #19


Hello everyone! I hope the beginning of your week is going well. I have another update for you and we are going to talk about some gameplay mechanics… in detail. In particular, I want to talk about the product slotting module that is in the game now. This has changed the way you create products a bit and I want to share that with you right now. I will warn you however, that this will be very detailed and if you don’t like numbers or understanding some of the inner workings of the game, you probably do not want to read any further. Of course, I hope you choose to read. Also, everything mentioned here is subject to change, however at this point we’re nailing down final implementations.

TechExecutiveTycoon(Beta2 2016-08-08 22-48-51-61Slotting your products is essentially you putting the inner pieces of each product type together...

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Monday Video Update #23 (August)

This week I play the game with my co-developer. The video is a little rough (Still setting up), so please enjoy and let me know your thoughts below

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