Monday Developer Update #22


Hello Everyone and welcome to another weekly Monday update!

TechExec_09052016_02Today I want to discuss a bit more about the satellite offices as well as your employees. Last week we dove into a bit of detailed aspects of the satellite office functionality in the game. For this past week and the upcoming week, I have been and will actually be working on these game systems. So since I am working on this aspect of the game, you can imagine it is quite fun to talk about. So this week I will also discuss creating and managing teams within the game.

As mentioned in last week’s update, you will be able to staff your satellite offices with different types of employees for the type of office you are staffing. So each office has a specific function where it is conducive for some employee types over others. So for example, your warehouse can employ manufacturing related employees as well as some admin employees. So let’s discuss a bit about that.

TechExec_09052016_04The warehouse must have its most essential employees which are the warehouse workers who assemble and ship the products out to stores—who service your customers. Their skill in assembly will be very important as they can handle and ship your products. They can indeed ship faulty product the less skilled they are. The other employees you can hire for a warehouse will be HR personnel who are responsible for hiring, training and taking care of the employees on site. For hiring, they help both you the player as well as the office/general manager if you decide to delegate hiring responsibilities to them. The HR recruiters as mentioned before are responsible for finding good talent regardless of where you have them search for it. Other admin employees will be finance personnel who handle the budget of the office reporting to the headquarters. Lastly, you can also staff the warehouse with certain IT staff who will have different roles, such as repairing customer product returns, to serving as help desk to the other onsite staff in the warehouse.

As you can see, the warehouse alone requires a good mix of different roles to operate at peak efficiency. You can expect to have to maintain a good balance between admin staff and specialty staff for each office and office type. Research labs will have scientists and engineers, however as with the warehouses; you will need to manage the labs finances as well as employees and equipment via admin staff.

TechExec_09052016_03So you might ask about how tedious this might be to manage later in the game. As mentioned in last week’s update, you will have the opportunity to hire an office/general manager for each office type. Those managers can be delegated to handle all operations whether that is through you or your appointed executives at HQ. I will speak more on this later, but the idea is that the manager’s personality and managing style will come through when given full control over what and who it is that they manage.

If you are the hands-on type, then the managing of all of this is still, well—manageable. You will be able to assign employees to teams within the game. For each office there will be a management window where you can assign managers and employees to teams. So the full possible hierarchy is as follows:

  1. TechExec_09052016_01The Player (CEO) – Overall management of the office has direct effect on chance of success
  2. The Executive – Guides the department, creating policies that impact each employee in different ways which often have a long lasting effect on each employee in their department.
  3. The General Manager – Manages the satellite office they have been assigned to. They affect order and they provide minor boosts to employees locally within their office. Without them, the impact of your leadership is greatly minimized, meaning order is easily undermined and dishonored.
  4. The Team Manager – The team manager most directly affects the employees they manage. These are the individuals who most impact happiness, training and productivity of each employee they are assigned to lead.
  5. The Employee – They ultimately and most importantly manage themselves. They have a skillset and uses that skillset to progress your company. They potential is affected by their happiness in many areas as well as their contentment with your company.

So there you have it, another set of details about the inner workings of the game and how you can expect to lead your company to greatness. I will return next week with more updates about the game.


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