Monday Developer Journal #9 (Video)

Hello Everyone!

Another Monday, another update! In this one I wanted to go back and go over some new game-play details on video with you. The last video was lacking in key information (I blame it on being under the weather), but in this video I hope to give you a better idea of what is to come.

Also, I share with you the plans for this week and month of April. Stay tuned for more! We’re getting ever closer to the release of the game. Thanks for your patience as I work on making it as good as it can be!

Video Update #20

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3 comments to Monday Developer Journal #9 (Video)

  • Azhrei

    Hi there! Great update as usual. I have another awkward question for you 🙂

    I’ve noticed a few times now that the global map looks a little squashed from the perspective you have chosen. I understand you have done this so you can include detail on whatever below it, but it seems to me it’s still a little too squashed. Would a flat, 2D image work better? Or maybe have a list of areas, clicking an arrow on each will open another list of cities and so on. Such as Europe > Paris and so on, North America > San Francisco or something to that effect.

    There are obviously more choices in the USA than the others, and that’s primarily why I’m a bit worried about how squashed the map is, where it might be frustrating trying to click on Monterrey and you actually click on Austin, or anything surrounding the New York area. The map as is just looks too front on rather than top-down for comfort.

    • WEB

      Very good question. I will be fixing this. At this point I just wanted to get all the function in, but during polishing, I will be adjusting it

  • Azhrei

    Good to know, thanks!

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