Monday Developer Journal #8 (Video)

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From product creation to Sales

Hello everyone!

Here is another Monday (monthly) update and this one includes a video. So the last time I showed a video, I showcased some of the product creation process among other things. Everything has come along much more since, so I want to show you some of what I’ve done this month.

Please watch the video, but even in the video some things could not be showcased, so I will talk about them here. For starters, I went over some of the things regarding product marketing. When you market your product, you can select where and by what means you want to market it. If you want to utilize the radio stations, publications or maybe a combination of both—you can do just that. What you will not see in the video or in the game as of this moment are some of the other options you will have as time goes on. Social media marketing will become available a little after the year 2004. However, there will be different tactics you can use even before then that is not present in the game at the moment. The plan is to allow you to try your hand at different marketing tactics in addition to the already present methods.

TechExecutiveTycoon(Beta2 2016-03-29 18-43-36-21Once you have started a marketing campaign, you will begin to gain exposure in that location. Once you gain exposure, that will allow you to send product to that location once the product has reached the end of development. Once the product has been developed, you can now mass produce the product using two different methods or both. In the video, you will see me use the manufacturing outsource options available, but in the final game, you will be able to open up different factories of your own to mass produce your products. At this point, you can select where you want to ship your products as well as how many you want to send to those locations. You will want to forecast pretty effectively because the last thing you want is your product wasting away on the shelves of some remote store. This is a game-play focal point, so you will need to look at your exposure in each location (city) and determine where and how much to send.

TechExecutiveTycoon(Beta2 2016-03-29 18-43-26-74Due to the game still being in development, there are quite a few things you will not see in the video, but the map screens will be more fleshed out and efficient and help you the player, navigate the options. Another thing you won’t notice is that in each city, there are different kinds of customers. For CPU’s, there are business customers, hardcore customers and casual customers—Each having their own social classes as well (high wealth, middle wealth, low wealth). This is still being detailed out, but it is in the game even at this moment. So catering your products to different types of customers will be something that is a part of the game-play.

So there you have it, I will be back with more in a week. Thanks for watching and reading!


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