Monday Developer Journal #4 (with Q&A)

The Map, Game World and Game Time


Hello everyone! This week we are moving forward to more technical game-play features. In particular, how the game time will work, the game world and the map function, statistics and feedback presented. So I will talk a bit about our thought processes and how we will go about fleshing out the details and functionality. Before we begin though, I would like to discuss the success of the previous weeks.

We have come a long way since just a month ago, and what is in the game now is looking good and functioning good as well. We have more to do, but the distance to the finish line is getting smaller and smaller. Again, our goal is to create a really fun game and not just put another title out there. We take pride in our talents, creativity and skill and we hope you like what we’ve come up with. Please stay tuned for the update video coming at the end of the month. As a result, this Monday update is a little shorter than usual. We are gearing up to present our next game-play video to you. However, our top priority is to continue to finish and improve the game, so we have a very interesting week ahead of us. We are quite excited.

So let’s get to this update!

For starters, game time is important because it dictates the pace of the game. With every game, pacing is critical to the flow of the game-play, player enjoyment and the player’s sense of achievement. So going in, we will need to balance out quite a few things in order to get the game time just right.

So far, the game will run on a 24-hour clock which will correlate to 23 seconds of real world time. So a week will last roughly 3 real world minutes, a month—12. So a year in the game will take you only 2 ½ hours to complete. There is a speed option in the game as well, so you will be able to speed that time up. Just be careful how you utilize you’re in-game speed options, because time is money and if you are not careful, time and opportunity might pass you by.

More details about time will be coming closer to release, but now, on to the game world and the game map.

In the game you have options on where you will start your journey toward tech mogul. You will be able to select the location of your base of operations (HQ). So far, we have Map_Mock2decided to make the game based on the real world. There will be a few real world locations you can start from. So New York NY, Austin TX, London, Beijing, Tokyo, Paris, Stockholm, Johannesburg and Sydney Australia will be some of the possible locations you can start your operations. All continents will be represented, but not every single world location will be in the game (that would be pleasantly insane). In fact, we have selected a handful of locations you will be able to choose from. In total, you will have 35 locations to select from at the very beginning of the game. The way it works for some game-play functions is going to be quite interesting and we will dive into that a little bit later.

Regarding the maps, you the player will interact with them throughout the game, whether it be for marketing your products and/or seeing what products are selling where and at what level of success. You will be able to plan your next move with intelligence secured by your employees in their respective fields of expertise.

Thanks for reading! Even as we move forward some changes have already been made to some of the already discussed features. The changes have only improved the game and potential fun factor. So please remember that the game is not finished and until it is, things are subject to change.

Cubicles_02        Cubicles_01




Questions from Lucas

Lucas: In the game, can we purchase (contract with) a seller (distributor) and will they only sell our products?

WEB: In the current build of the game, you will not contract with a distributor, however it is implied that this is the case, it’s just simplified in that once you mass produce your product, wherever location(s) you select to sell it, that regions vendors or distributors are assumed as outlets for your products. It is based on demand, if you have gained a lot of buzz and desire for your product in a specific location, you will be selling it there. The cost of shipping and distribution is calculated based on a few specific algorithms and deducted from your sales. You will be aware of what the cost are prior to selling in any location.

Lucas: In the game can we select the country of origin (or base of operations)?

WEB: Yes, you can, there will be 35 real world locations you can select as your base of operations.

Lucas: Can we accept contracts from other companies to produce in our own factories?

WEB: Yes, you can. In the game, you can build your own factories around the world for more cost effective distribution, however, for times when you have no product to sell, you can outsource your services to any company interested. This is a good method to keep income coming in during dry seasons.

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