Made it to the best upcoming games for 2015 lists…

Here I am in another written blog about the development of the game Tech Executive Tycoon!

TechExecTycoon(PreAlpha)_04I am happy to say that everything is going well in development! The game is on schedule and I am putting countless hours into everything Tech Executive Tycoon! You all have been more than supportive and I can’t wait to get the game out to you! This week has been completely dedicated to UI and gameplay aspects of the game. Right now the game is nearing beta status. quite a few game systems are now firmly in place as others are being integrated into the game. There is so much to this game that it is overwhelming to think of everything that has both already been entered into the game and for those things that I have yet to program in. Either way, it has been an extremely fun (an unerving) process and the excitement turns up a notch each week of work I put in.

Found out this week that Tech Executive Tycoon has made it to the list of a few notable PC gaming websites for the best upcoming games of 2015… Please check those out here:


This past week, I have been adding in some UI elements to the game that will continue to undergo more tweaking as the process continues this week. The more common elements of clicking characters, objects and getting visual feedback are in. I have also been working on some AI for the NPC navigation that will take place in the game. Your employees will spend most of their time working on projects and getting you to tycoon status, but as with all humans I know, sometimes they might want to eat lunch, go to a meeting, and or leave for training and such. They will do these things autonomously, though you can affect how often and in some cases if they do them at all. I want to hold off of divulging details until more has been completed, so stay tuned for that.

TechExecTycoon(PreAlpha)_01Another video blog (or vlog) will be coming in the next two weeks. This vlog is planned to focus on product creation in more detail. I am working on that this week to get the demonstration ready for that vlog. I am excited to talk about this part of the game as it will be a big part of the game itself, given you will be the sum of the products you create. Please stay tuned for that video blog coming soon!

This was a short blog today, but I want to try to give you bits and pieces more frequently so that you can take this game development journey with me. Thank you all for following the game and I hope you share your thoughts with me in the comments below or in the forums right here on the website!

– Walter


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  • Stevethekiller4

    Great to see how the development goes, one thing that would be cool is too add some stuff on the desk like papers, dossiers,multiple screens etc happy new year btw

    • WEB

      Absolutely, that is exactly what is planned… Happy New Year to you too! There will be more things on desks as well as other things like that throughout the game. Thanks for the suggestions!

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