Happy Holidays from WGE!


Hello everyone and happy holidays to all!

This week there will not be a full game or studio update. However, I wish to look back on 2016 and lay out the plan going forward into 2017. This year has been a very productive one for Tech Executive Tycoon! Earlier in the year, we started from the bottom and re-crafted this game from the ground up. This was a daunting yet necessary task. Looking back on this decision, I can say that it has made monumental improvements on the original design of the game. New features and a more rounded experience is now possible as a result. We’ve learned a ton and have been able to apply that insight into our processes. Going into 2017, we have a great amount of confidence that we can deliver on the ideas and goals we have set for this game. Thank you all for your undying support throughout this year!

For 2017, the next steps as we gear up for release will be to begin our aggressive internal testing phase. Very soon after, upon hitting some testing milestones, we will aim to extend the testing to all our initial backers from the early donation campaigns and will allowing more if necessary. Once this testing phase has completed, we will finish our final polishing passes and begin the countdown to release day.

From the WGE team, we hope everyone has a great holiday and we will see you in 2017!

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