Game Details

Slider_Image_02Tech Executive Tycoon places you in the seat of the CEO of your very own entertainment technology company. As the CEO you will have the power to make all of the decisions that will either make or break your company. The competition is fierce and to make it to the top, you must be strategic in product development, marketing and so much more. Do you want to be the next big Tech Tycoon, or the bottom feeders of the technology world. Compete with 20+ different technology giants to see if you can dominate the industry, whether it be gaming consoles, televisions, mobile devices or others. Start from the bottom and end at the top! Every decision you make will go a long way toward solidifying your legacy. Work with other companies, acquire them, or simply dominate them, the choice will be yours. Within your company you will hire high level executives that you can have lead your departments to become more effective. High level executives give your company the greatest opportunity to become legendary as they strategically plan and lead their department to become the best at what they do. All that is not possible without your direction though, so get ready to lead your company to legendary status! Create products that will separate you from the status quo –    Create anything from gaming consoles to mobile phones and tablets –    Create CPUs, GPUs and more components to sell to other companies –    Create games and software for other companies and consumers to use –    Will your products impress or find its way to the bargain bin at the local store? Put together a marketing strategy that will keep your product in the headlines –    Your marketing team can employ multiple strategies with different results depending on the circumstances –    Work out deals with companies offering complimentary products to your own to team up for better success odds. The sky is the limit Hire high level executives to lead your departments –    Each department can be led by a high ranking executive of your choosing which will enhance your opportunity at success, though their desired salaries do come in extra large. Outsource services to save money –    Your local population may not be too happy, but such is the weight of decisions being a Tycoon. Purchase new offices and expand –    You can expand into multiple offices designating them for different purposes that serve your goals to the max. –    Hire staff to run those locations according to your directives   The game is scheduled to release mid 2015, stay tuned for more information right here!