Day and Night Cycles

Some video of day and night cycle testing. As we work to test quite literally everything, we are trying to make sure many things are as ready as possible for the next level of testing. We wanted to share this video with you to see how this game-play feature will be in the final game. Of course it is not yet final and completely polished, but we are getting there.

Thanks for watching!

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Studio Update – June 2017

Hello Everyone!

It has been a while since the last update—so today, I want to give you our progress report as we are currently very much focused on continuing to fine tuning and test the game. For transparency, I have compiled a short list of our status and efforts toward closed and open testing. First, I want to thank you for your continued patience as we continue to focus on getting this game released. As a result, the updates may continue to be scarce, but we can assure you that the progress is exponential.

Work completed over the past 2-3 months

AI testing is a very involved process. I will admit that I am probably having some of the best fun of my game development career seeing the AI come to life and become self-sufficient in this game...

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Studio Update – March 2017

Hello Everyone!

Here is the latest from development of the game Tech Executive Tycoon. I want to share that everything is going great from an internal testing standpoint. We are testing out the systems of the game to make sure things are running as intended. We are testing the AI to make sure that each company is making decisions independently and according to the logic we designed. As you might expect, this is a daunting task. As a result, updates have been scarce and will continue to be for a bit as we need to maintain 100% of our focus on this task. So please understand that silence from us at this time means we have consolidated our energy on the task of rigorously testing, adjusting, fine tuning and finishing the game.

Right now, we have final assets to put into the game which will e...

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Studio Update – February

Hello Everyone!

Today, I am once again providing a weekly update regarding the development of the game Tech Executive Tycoon. Testing is still ongoing and I want to discuss how we are approaching this phase of the development. Previously we discussed that we want to extend the testing to the backers of the game. That is still our current plan. So, if you have donated to this game in the past, we currently are planning to extend closed testing to you as you have extended your support and are clearly invested in the success of the game. Now, I cannot provide any dates for that testing phase, but yes we are indeed getting closer.

As it stands, the current testing will not be a quick process as we have learned before...

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Internal Testing ongoing…

Hello everyone!

As we are heavily engaged in internal testing, there will not be a blog update provided this week. More information about the testing phases will be coming soon. As always, thank you for your support!

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Bi-Monthly Update 27


Hello Everyone and Happy 2017!

I hope that your new year has kicked off in a great way! We are already well into our 2017 schedule and have been working toward our goals without hesitation. Today will be our first update of the year, so I wanted to give more insight into the game and hopefully show off a bit of gameplay soon in relation to this week’s update content. As we finetune the AI, I want to discuss how the customer in the game will function.

To begin, we refine a lot of our processes over time as they are deemed necessary. Currently, at this stage of development, we are playtesting the different systems to make sure they both behave in a way that makes sense and most importantly—work in a logical fashion...

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Happy Holidays from WGE!


Hello everyone and happy holidays to all!

This week there will not be a full game or studio update. However, I wish to look back on 2016 and lay out the plan going forward into 2017. This year has been a very productive one for Tech Executive Tycoon! Earlier in the year, we started from the bottom and re-crafted this game from the ground up. This was a daunting yet necessary task. Looking back on this decision, I can say that it has made monumental improvements on the original design of the game. New features and a more rounded experience is now possible as a result. We’ve learned a ton and have been able to apply that insight into our processes. Going into 2017, we have a great amount of confidence that we can deliver on the ideas and goals we have set for this game...

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