Bi-Monthly Update #25


Hello Everyone! Another update coming to you today. I hope your week is going well. Today’s update will deal with the creation of computers and consoles. We’ve talked about almost all the other product types so far and now we will deal with the second level of products that you can create. In this blog, I will also discuss something that we haven’t talked about much. I want to discuss all the products that make up the computer’s and console’s in the game. Before you begin you will need to research motherboard technology. As you research this technology, you will be able to create motherboards which is the necessary first step in creating your own computers. In Tech Executive Tycoon you cannot use third party motherboards when creating a computer, they must be created by your company. When it comes to slotting that motherboard however, you can procure each component or you can slot in your own components from your created products.

Creating motherboards is simply a task of selecting the technology level for each component slot. Once you do this, you can build a computer using that motherboard. In the following section I will provide a bit of detail about each component that you can slot to your new computer. To begin, each computer in Tech Executive Tycoon is made up of 8 different components listed below:

cpuCentral Processing Unit – The brains of the computer

The central processing units are essential to your computer ability to well… compute. You cannot create a computer without one of these in the game. You can procure one of these from external companies at an agreed upon wholesale price. Alternatively, if you decide that you want to create CPU’s at your company yourself, you can fit one of your creations into your computer. The benefits are potentially sizeable. For one, you have an opportunity to potentially offer the lowest prices for your computer as you develop your own CPU’s. This still cost you to create per unit, but as you can imagine might offer a greater competitive pricing advantage for your computers. Also, you gain the benefit of providing better support for the product. More on this later.

gpuGraphics Processing Unit – Renders 3D objects from the computer to the display

The graphics processing unit is also very important. If you are creating a computer that is designed for heavy duty gaming or high level productivity, you will need a good GPU. The GPU is tasked with rendering 3D objects to the screen as fast as possible. There are many potential customers of computers in Tech Executive Tycoon, be sure to understand your target customers’ needs and requirements. Again, like CPU’s you can also create your own GPU’s and can fit them into your computers. In Tech Executive Tycoon, every motherboard that you create will have an onboard GPU. This GPU will be drastically less efficient than slotting an external GPU when it comes to running the best games or programs. You can create a computer without a GPU in the sense of slotting a GPU as there will be an onboard GPU by default.

ramRandom Access Memory – Computer Memory

RAM in the game functions just as in the real world. When you turn on a computer all programs and services running are stored in RAM. So, this is also essential to creating a computer. You can create RAM in the game as a small-scale product. Just as with all other components, you can slot your own RAM products into your computers. More on this soon.

harddriveHard Drive – Computer Storage

Hard Drives are another important and vital aspect of computer creation. In the game, you will be able to slot these from external sources just as you can with all components. You can also create your own hard drives.

soundcardSound Card – Facilitates computer audio input/output management and usage

Sound cards can be procured from external vendors. The motherboard comes with an onboard sound chip, however not as efficient as slotting an external one.

networkcardNetwork Card – Facilitates network communication management and usage

Network cards are essential for certain fans and the further you progress into the game, the more vital it will become. Most motherboards you build your computer with will have an onboard card. However, as with most components that have onboard counterparts, slotting external will provide much better functionality and efficiency.

psuPower Supply Unit – Powers the computer and all its components.

The power supply unit is vital in the creation of any computer. You will come to realize that each component has two power consumption values; one for when it is running idle and one when it is pushed to the limits of its functionality. When slotting a PSU, you will be required to make sure you can supply as much power to each component based on its highest consumption rate.

osOperating System – The software facilitating the management and operation of the computers core hardware/software functionality to the end user

The operating system is vital in the creation of your computer. You customers will need a way to use and navigate the capabilities of their new computer. Every computer must have an operating system.

So just as in the real world (minus a few mundane details) you will need to slot your computer with each of these units. You will have options available to you for each, however to stay competitive you will be able to negotiate wholesale prices. This is where your purchasing or procurement team comes in. When you go to purchase your wholesale computer parts, your purchasing team, which is a part of your Sales group (Purchasing and Sales are currently combined into one department in Tech Executive Tycoon) will have already completed the negotiation process depending on their skill level. At this point, you can proceed with the purchase if you like the price or you can start the process of negotiating with that company again which can have mixed results—again based on the skill of your employees. You must weigh this decision carefully as you should make sure that your computer can be competitive on the market.

So once again thank you for reading and I hope you share your thoughts or questions in the comment section. We will be writing to you again in two weeks!

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